All ready to choose the vessels carrying inaugural Canal transit extended

The ACP invited to participate in the draw to major customers representing 60% of revenues from the waterway. Preparations continue for the inauguration and commercial operation of the expanded Canal. On Friday April 29 will be chosen by lottery, the ship will transit the opening. The ship will leave the Atlantic sector to the Pacific. Read more about All ready to choose the vessels carrying inaugural Canal transit extended[…]

Panama is pronounced by discouraging migration flow

Panamanian Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo said continuing dialogue with other countries to seek comprehensive solution, but we have to take measures to discourage migratory flows. The crisis created by the concentration in the southern and northern borders three thousand 400 Cubans, according to official figures; and about 800 Africans on the border with Costa Read more about Panama is pronounced by discouraging migration flow[…]

PMC Group International Corporate Services

PMC Group companies are committed to meet the needs of today’s globalized world. We are focused on offering the highest standards in our services, always reflecting our corporate values. Our team of advisors will guide you and advise respect for all the services we offer: Creating corporations Private Foundations Dissolution of companies Trademark registrations Operating Read more about PMC Group International Corporate Services[…]


The research called ‘the roles of Panama’ about creating societies in offshore jurisdictions by the law firm Mossack Fonseca, uncovered by various means, including El Confidencial in collaboration with the Sixth, the German newspaper Süddeustche Zeitung and the International Consortium Investigative journalists, has special relevance two questions: open an offshore company in Panama is legal Read more about THE REALITY OF PANAMA PAPERS[…]