Growing Investment in Panamanian port terminals


Panama Ports Company (PPC), which operates the ports of Balboa and Cristobal, will invest $ 60 million in 2015 to expand its operations in these terminals.
With this amount, PPC reported that investments in Panama exceed a thousand 300 million dollars over the 18 years of the concession obtained in 1997.
The company, in which the Panamanian government holds 10% stake, operates 58% of domestic cargo and appears between the ports of Latin America with the largest number of gantry cranes in operation, 25 in Balboa and Cristobal 13.
With the expansion of the Port of Balboa, the annual capacity would grow to 4.5 million TEUs or containers of 20 feet long. The Panamanian ports business faces challenges that brings the Canal expansion that not only are transshipment terminals, but will be added to the load value through logistics centers.
It is expected to continue moving trade from Asia to the US east coast, where the main consumption centers.
Although plans to build a port in Corozal that meets future demand, the group expected to Pacific ports reduce freight volume.
“PPC is preparing for the increased demand versus the run last year with the expansion of storage yard at the port of Balboa, and the development of new business strategies to provide the burden of customers added value “the company said.
In addition, what steps have been taken in relation to the safety of workers in operations, as in recent months have reported at least two accidents where employees have died?
PPC said it has established within its management policies, maintain a high level of protection of the health and safety of all employees, customers, the general public and the environment. He explained that it has implemented a prevention plan based on the evaluation of occupational hazards; the attention of emergencies and accidents; and the development of safe work procedures for high-risk activities.
It also implements a training plan for employees in all positions, especially the operating team, to ensure that they have trained and staff with the necessary skills to perform their job.
It has a department of health, safety and environmental protection, composed of over 30 professionals to prevent occupational hazards.
The company recently closed a new collective agreement salary increases to almost 4000 employees, productivity bonuses granted to employees who show a responsible, attentive and efficient performance, among others.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado