Expanded Panama Canal will operate from first week of April 2016


For those who have had the opportunity to visit Panama recently seen in the country of the isthmus economic growth and improved quality of life in panameñosque is no coincidence and is attributed to the Interoceanic Canal built over a hundred years ago, mega-project that It has a direct impact on the GDP of that country than in nominal terms in 2014 amounted to 46.213 million dollars.

Consider some figures clearly indicate elEstado direct benefits to the people, micro, medium and large Panamanian company. Interoceanic Canal operation broke record revenues in 2014 to 2.629 million dollars, and since the United States handed over the administration of the Panama Canal, the December 31, 1999, the canal project, inaugurated on August 14, 1914 the steamship Ancon, has benefited the Panamanians with revenues exceeding 18,000 million.

Only in 2014 on salaries for professionals, technicians and Panamanian workers the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) paid US $ 370.8 million; in employee benefits invested US $ 62 million; for the operation of the ACP Canal paid $ 1.146 million for the purchase of a variety of goods and services to the micro, medium and large companies; Social Security received $ 97.8 million in contributions and educational insurance US $ 10.5 million and income tax the state received $ 61.1 million.

If we add to these figures the aggregate value of the so-called “Green Route”, managed by the ACP program in which Panamanians have reforested more than 6,200 hectares in key areas, helping to promote farming practices and development of environmental business sustainable with positive impact on performance and production of ranchers and farmers.

Programs, operation and expansion of the Canal are tested and certified by Environmental Resources Management (ERM), as independent auditors to certify to the credit agencies and the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) that both the operation of the Canal as the works expansion are managed under the Equator Principles. ERM is the firm hired by dealer Nicaragua Interoceanic Canal (HKND) Group of Hong Kong.

Who would say that the efforts of Columbus in the sixteenth century, sailing in his fourth trip through Central America, seeking a route to the Pacific Ocean, it is doubtful strait, eventually result in a canal like Panama and quite possibly the Nicaragua Canal. This effort of Columbus was echoed by Hernán Cortés, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, considered the first European explorer to see in 1513 the Pacific Ocean or South Sea, and building the route for transporting ships from Santa Maria la Antigua del Darien the Panamanian Atlantic to the Bay of San Miguel in the Pacific, a journey of about 65 kilometers. Then get to 1515, when Captain Antonio Tello de Guzman uses the route that natives used for centuries route called “Camino Real” to transport the gold to Portobello, a natural port on the north coast of Panama, about 50 km northeast of Columbus, and from there sent to Spain.

The first attempt to dig a canal through Central America in 1524 does King Charles I, who in an effort to shorten the route to Peru ordered the construction of the Panama Canal, which also avoid the route of ships by the dreaded Cape Horn. King started the effort in 1529 but lack of technology and the political situation in Europe does not allow its construction.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado