Analyzes the Canal shipping industry


About 30 representatives of lines and shipping agents authorized in Panama, as well as union members to the Panama Maritime Chamber (CMP), learned firsthand the services offered by the waterway once the new locks begin operations.

In the discussion group called ‘Sharing Perspectives and Innovative Ideas for Improving Services for New Challenges’, attendees could learn about the overhaul of ships to transit the expanded Canal transits with tugs in the new locks, times to tours, draft restrictions and new systems for reservations.

‘We must work hand in hand to continue the transformation of Panama as a world-class logistics hub and cater increasingly better world maritime trade.

This is an opportunity for our customers to answer your questions and share opinions about our services, “said Deputy Administrator of the Panama Canal, Manuel Benitez, in his speech


For his part, Stephen G. Saenz, Executive Vice President of Operations Panama Canal, presented the latest developments of the expansion work, whose progress is 96%.

In turn, shared with the audience the major initiatives that the Canal carried out to ensure efficient and safe transit through the extended route, such as ongoing training, transits without the use of locomotives in the existing locks and operational procedures to achieve safe ship liquefied natural gas (LNG) transits.

In addition to the discussion group, there was a tour of the new Maneuver Training Center Scale, equipped with springs and tugs, replicas of existing and new locks, gates and cameras – all at a scale of 1:25.

‘As part of our commitment Canal maintain an open dialogue with our customers, we will continue to organize such activities.

‘These opportunities allow participants to attend various discussions with executives of the ACP and also offer innovative ideas that allow the Canal to continue offering service world-class, “Saenz said.


” We must work hand in hand to continue the transformation of Panama as a world-class logistics center ‘


Deputy Administrator PANAMA CANAL