Cosco Shipping is already en route Panama Canal


The ship will inaugurate the new locks of the Panama Canal and cruise the Caribbean. 26 arrive early.

The ship Cosco Shipping Panama, which will make the inaugural expanded step by next Sunday June 26 Canal, continues its route and already in the territory in the Caribbean.

According to the latest report, published on the web site, the ship had passed the island of Montserrat, southeast of Puerto Rico and travels at a speed of 18.3kn (knots).

It is expected to arrive in Panama Cosco Shipping early hours of Sunday 26, when the opening of the Third Set of Locks will.

The boat was diverted to pass through the Panama Canal because transited regularly by European routes, because their size was not allowed to pass through Panama.

Last Friday, April 29, through a drawing, the container ship became the first vessel to transit through the new locks.