First LNG ship will cross the Panama Canal on July 25


The tanker Maran Gas Apollonia will become the next July 25 in the first vessel with liquefied natural gas (LNG) to cross the Panama Canal in its 100-year history, said the administrator of the waterway, Jorge Luis Quijano .

The ship, which has Greek flag and belongs to the line Shell International Trading & Shipping Company, measures 289 meters long (long) and 45 meters wide (wide) and has the capacity to transport 166,000 cubic meters of gas, said Quijano during a forum held in the Panamanian capital.

One day later, on July 26, will transit the canal the British Merchant, another tanker with GLN operated by BP Shipping Limited, with British flag and carrying capacity 138.283 cubic meters of gas, said the administrator.

“It is our new business segment,” said Quijano, who has already indicated that in Asia there is a “huge demand” for these hydrocarbons from the United States.

LNG transport is one of the business opportunities opened up by the expansion of the waterway. Until now, it was a market that had not exploded because the vessels used in the energy industry, known as neopanamax not fit through the old locks.

The ACP estimates that from 2020 to pass each year by the new waterway about 25 million metric tons of LNG.

The expansion of the waterway, which opened on June 26, begun in 2007 with an initial cost of 5,250 million dollars.