Panama Canal suspends draft restrictions and operating normally


The Canal gets its water sources, after the scourge of the Child, which this year was the strongest in the last 100 years

The Panama Canal suspended draft restrictions remaining active and began operating normally today, as recent rains have raised the level of the lakes that feed the waterway and there is enough water to navigate.

“From this moment, the maximum permitted for vessels transiting the locks draft is set to 12.04 meters (39.5 feet),” its normal level, said Wednesday in a statement the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) .

According to the ACP, weather forecasts predict rainfall so “new restrictions will not be necessary”.

“With (the) recovery of (the) lakes suspend (the) active from restrictions (the) April 18 and return to normal operations draft”, posted on his Twitter account administrator waterway, Jorge Luis Quijano.

The waterway was forced to announce limited draft last April because the level of Gatun and Alhajuela lakes that supply water to the Panama Canal, was very low.

According to experts, the drought that hit Panama earlier this year, due to the weather phenomenon El Niño, was the worst in 100 years. In fact, limiting draft is a measure not applied since 1998, the year in which the consequences of El Niño were also very severe.

The measure benefits shippers that allows ships to take advantage of the maximum depth in their transit through the Canal, which is to carry more cargo.

Each of the six foot restraints forced the ships to travel with a thousand tons less cargo to be safely immerse themselves in the water of the canal, through which 6% of world trade.