Suez is interested in operating in the maritime sector of Panama

Foto Autoridad Maritima de PanamáA delegation from the Suez Canal Authority (ACS) met with representatives of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), in order to strengthen its development strategy and master plan, the MPA said.

The visit, part of the draft technical training meetings organized by the World Bank, focused on knowing the functions and powers of the AMP, and the manner in which this entity organizes its activities with other public and private institutions.

As reported by the daily Al-Masry Al-Youm and collects The Bulletin Panama, the visit was limited to “familiar with the administration of the Colon Free Zone,” but was extended to the Panama Canal, ports and other maritime services against the imminent execution and design Suez Master Plan.

The plan will advance the African country includes among its objectives: to create an area for maritime, logistics and international industrial services; diversify and expand business and existing activities in the area; increase the volume of cargo and maximize revenue; ensure long-term economic growth; create employment opportunities and investment; and increase exports and promote international trade.

Note that this is the second visit of the ACS to Panama, then in November 2005, the general manager met with senior officials from the ACP to exchange information on their respective operations and projects, says The Bulletin Panama.

According to the ACP, the meeting also served to both authorities as an opportunity to share and exchange practices and create a forum for internal discussion ahead solve common concerns on strengthening of both agencies.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado